Become a MiaAnswers Receptionist!



Here at MiaAnswers, we strive to give our busy clients more time to handle their day-to-day responsibilities.

We know how time-consuming growing a small business can be and we want to be there for our clients by taking their phone calls with a smile and delighting their callers into lifelong customers.

Our mission is simple: to treat our client’s customers the way they would, doing what we can to be helpful and to turn each caller into a loyal customer. In other words, we want to grow our clients’ fan base through the unfairly forgotten art of phone calls.

The position

We’re looking for a receptionist who will be:

  • Handling phone calls for multiple businesses;
  • Assisting callers with their questions;
  • Booking appointments;
  • Performing basic receptionist duties.

The responsibilities

On any given day, you might have to:

  1. Make our clients’ days by giving them what they don’t even know they want:

  Closely follow a client’s instructions and recognize when it is appropriate to step outside of those instructions;

  Go above the standard call handling to offer additional assistance;

  Offer to return calls on a client’s behalf;

  Mention your impression of a caller to the client when relevant.

1. Elevate calls from a dry transaction to a memorable experience:

  Use quick wit and good judgment;

  Actively listen to the callers and look for invitations to briefly engage in personal conversation;

  Focus on how you can help and seek creative ways to offer assistance.

2. Foster happiness in others:

  Recognize when team members do a good job and congratulate them;

  Be warm, friendly, and professional on every call.

3. Do what you say you’ll do:

  Promptly answer incoming calls;

  Provide unbiased service to meet each client’s needs;

  Compose complete, accurate, and helpful messages;

  Be responsive via email, instant messaging, and other communication tools;

  Quickly act when a response is requested;

  Be a reliable person who your team members can count on.

The requirements

To be a good fit in MiaAnswers, you should:

  • Be okay with working remotely. Working from home means no morning commute, no dress code, no team leader checking on you. For some, this sounds like a dream come true; for others, it might sound a bit tricky. Either way, you need to be willing to adjust to this way of working
  • Be comfortable with technology, namely your computer and certain software. As long as you’re willing to learn, we’re more than happy to teach you.
  • Be nice, empathetic, and helpful, not only while you’re on the phone, but also when interacting with clients and fellow receptionists. Remember, this position is all about communication.
  • Strive to do a good job every single day. We believe keeping things lighthearted and fun is an excellent way of creating a productive work environment but at the same time, we care intensely about being the best for ourselves, our team members, and our clients, and you need to do too.
  • Be open to receiving and giving honest feedback. There’s no better way of growing professionally than by being willing to receive and use (constructive) feedback, and that applies to the entire company hierarchy, from the top to the bottom. We built MiaAnswers on honesty and we want each employee to value it as much as we do.
  • Be willing to learn new things. Isn’t that one of the best things about getting a new job? We’re a young company defining a new industry and that means that things change quickly around here. For us, that’s incredibly exciting, and it should be for you too!
  • Be able to multitask and keep your cool when things get stressful. We handle calls for a lot of business and sometimes it can get a little crazy. Can you remain calm in situations like that?
  • Have a sense of humor. We told you we like to keep things fun, didn’t we? Life is too short to be serious all the time, even when it comes to working!
  • Be organized. Both being a receptionist and working from home require great organizational skills, so this is definitely a must-have in our list of requirements.

You should also be able to:

  • Continually operate a computer and use a keyboard and mouse in order to answer incoming calls
  • Type at 50 WPM or higher
  • Take accurate and complete notes
  • Input a variety of information pertinent to our clients’ needs in various software programs
  • Communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing, regarding the exchange of accurate, detailed information
  • Read and comprehend client call information with special instructions

Besides this, you must:

  • Live in the U.S.
  • Have a fast, reliable computer
  • Have stable, high-speed internet connection
  • Have a quiet workspace to take the calls during business hours
  • Have clarity of vision at 24 inches or less

Having receptionist or call center experience is a nice bonus, but not a requirement. We can teach anyone to answer the phone with a smile, but we can’t teach you to be caring, empathetic, and open to honesty.

As such, we’re a lot more interested in people who embody the core characteristics we listed above than people who have experience.

Compensation: Starting at $10/hour

Does this sound like a challenge you’d like to take on? Click the button below and fill out our application form!